Coastal Scene
36" x 48"

Diver's Cove Beach  48" x 60"

Diver's Cove Beach
48" x 60"

Giclées are very high quality reproductions. The process begins with a detailed digital scan of the original art piece. The scan is hundreds of megabytes in size so that the original colors, textures, and tones are duplicated as faithfully as possible to the original piece with no evidence of the reproduction method such as dots or lines.

The image is manipulated in the computer in order to match as closely as possible the original in color, contrast, saturation, hues, etc. The image is then printed on any of a variety of media such as high quality art papers or canvases of various types. These can then be framed as with an original piece.

The advantage of this process is that, 1. It provides a very good record of the original piece in digital format which can later be used for a number of purposes; and 2. It allows printing of an “edition” of fine quality prints of a particular image for sale at a (typically) lower price than the original art piece.

A giclee can be created from any of the paintings shown above.

If you are interested in a particular piece as a giclée print please call or write with the following information

    Your Name *
    Your Name
    Giclées can be any size you wish – for best results they should not be larger than the original.
    Material Desired
    Choose between High Quality art paper or Canvas (Canvas can be stretched or not stretched)
    Framed or un-framed
    Framed is of course extra but I will select the right frame and shepherd the process or simply give you good references.